Program Highlights

Each day will be a mix of workshops, movement, chill, dance and good food - and lots of connections.

We will put out the facilitator names and workshops later on

What to experience the 3 days

We already have agreements with a range of outstanding facilitators and we will soon share some names. The actual program will also be shared later, but we need to get the last agreements in place before we decide exactly what kind of workshops you will get.

But you can be sure that you get the following

30+ workshops

5 parallel workshop tracks, with some of the best facilitators - both from Denmark and abroad

All ready to give you an amazing experience


Amazing music from our houseband

We have a fantastic 5 musicians  houseband that will help us all feel, celebrate and go even deeper

Read about them

Temple Night

Fun, Playful, Heartfelt, Warm, Juicy, Slow, Sweaty, Challenging, Deep.

All emotions are welcome.

Ecstatic dance party

Our fantastic house DJ will sothen your ear, body and soul - dance the night away.

Cuddle Room

Feel like cuddling? We have a dedicated cuddle room always open for you, when you feel like being close and connected

Silent Room

Need a little time for yourself to land after the last workshop, maybe just need some peace and quit from all the people and energy. Go to the silent room and get a break from it all

Chillout and Connect Room

We will have dedicated chill out rooms for relaxing, laughing and hanging out with your old and new friends

Nice food and Cafe

The venues kitchen are making us nice warm food, sandwiches, salads.

There is also cafe with snacks, tea and chocolate