Welcome to the world of tantra!  

If you're completely new to this, let's break it down in a way that's easier to grasp.

On this page we will try and take some of the mystery out of Tantra. What is Tantra to us, what is a tantric festival - and why could it be interesting for you that haven't experienced tantra, to maybe participate in a festival like Copenhagen Tantra Festival

What exactly is Tantra?  

Think of it as a personal journey of self-discovery. It's like peeling away the layers that keep us from fully experiencing life. Tantra is all about embracing who you are—your thoughts, feelings, and everything in between. It's about accepting yourself without judgment or shame. Basically, it's the ultimate freedom to be yourself.

Even if that sounds deep or difficult - don't worry! The most amazing thing about tantra is that you can start exactly where you are in life

How does it work?

Well, there are different approaches and traditions, but at its core, tantra is an ancient practice originating from India which is a bit like yoga - but more focused on understanding the nature of reality.

Tantra is tool for practicing awareness in all present moments, simply put, to then turn all the things you have become aware of into gold nuggets that you use in your everyday life.

Some of those nuggets are light and easy to integrate, while others are heavy and dense, and you might need some help to chip them into pieces.

Nonetheless, once you have started doing this there's really no turning back. You are on your way to becoming a larger, more spacious version of yourself.

Read about our Introdution session
Introduction online session 29 April

What is Copenhagen Tantra Festival about?

Picture this: a celebration of life with some of the coolest tantra teachers from all over the globe, in a room full of people also on the same journey. It's like a playground for self-discovery and enlightenment. And here's the best part: anyone can join in! Whether you're young or old, experienced or just starting out, there's something for everyone.

For the festival in May 2024 we have decided to build our festival on three "pillars", to create the most fantastic, transforming, fun, playful, loving and also challenging festival. A festival where you learn new things, where you enjoy life, where you see things in a new light, make new connections and maybe also face some darkness. Hopefully when you return home, you will fell in more enlightened  .

Be an Amazing Beginner

It's not only okay not to know everything, it is even maybe better. Approach the festival with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Nobody experience the world as it really is, we can only experience it as we think it is.

Therefore we are inviting you to try everything as it was your first time. With a beginners mind, the world suddenly looks different than you thought - it's not spoiled by your previous experiences. Its a way to be present with yourself and with others 

Let YOU be seen

A possibility to show who you really are. Embrace your quirks and flaws because that's what makes you unique. Let yourself be seen, felt and celebrated. Show your insecurities, your wishes, needs. Just be you without any masks.

Try and experience the feeling of being the FULL YOU, and feel how it is to be respected, acknowledged, held, admired and loved - even by people you just met at the festival.

Don't take Yourself so Seriously

Have you ever held yourself back from doing what you really wanted? "What if I make a fool out of myself", "what if others thinks im too much", "too little". All these stupid thoughts that are holding us back.

We invite everyone to let go of these thoughts. Of course still being respectful of all the other awkward, strange, funny, mysterious, amazing human beings at the festival.

We're all here to have fun and explore. So let go of any self-doubt and just enjoy the ride!


First time Tantric Festival participant?

One Tantric Festival is never the same as another - and you are not the same person at each festival you attend. So it's difficult to describe exactly how your first time festival will be. But these are some of the things you might experience

Meet interesting, open and loving people

The people that attend tantric festivals are in general just awesome. It's one of the reasons why we love doing tantric festivals, and it's also one of the reasons for many experienced tantricas to attend again and again. To meet new and old friends

Cuddle & touch 

At Copenhagen Tantra Festival we of course have amazing workshops. But there is also all the time when you are not at workshops. There we for example have dedicated rooms for cuddling - maybe with the new person you just got to know. Feel some of that oxytocin.

There is also a space for just being silent

Explore your boundaries

A Tantric Festival can be seen as a playground. Where you learn about your own boundaries, hopefully push your own comfort zone a little (because you don't learn anything new if you always stay in your comfort zone).

You are surrounded by experienced people that wants to support and help you grow - what better way to try it out

Play with other adult - in a non judgemental space

Many of the workshops you get to try new things. Probably something you never tried before; whatever its about breathwork, polarity, energy orgasms, anger or something totally different. Try it out, see it as a playroom - we are all just playing - and we are all respecting each other.

Face insecurities and triggers

Some workshops can be very challenging. It's very personal what is challenging. Maybe it's about letting go of control, maybe to revisit your relation to your parents, maybe to be naked with other humans. What ever it is, this is a chance to look inwards - why is this so difficult for you? Is this something you want to change in the future you?


It doesnt all have to be difficult and challenging. Sometimes it's also just pure enjoyment and niceness. For you that's maybe a massage or cuddle workshop, maybe dancing letting yourself go. Its perfectly ok to just enjoy!

What is Tantra NOT?  

There are a lot of myths about tantra - lets just put some of them out there:

  • It's all about sex: Not really. Since tantra deals with everything in life, it also deals with sex. But it's not only about sex. Many of the experiences and tools you get at a festival, you can use at work, with family and friends, by yourself but also in your sex life. Many people are drawn to the sexual part, because sex is such a driving force in humans. But you can easily attend a full Copenhagen Tantra Festival and not be sexual at any point in time - the offer at the festival is wide.

  • It's a cult or a religion: You could say tantra is spiritual, but it isn't religious or dogmatic. When practicing tantra you always search for the answers inside yourself, not a text or a charismatic person. At Copenhagen Tantra Festival we don't have specific ways you have to be, have to do - just be yourself