Find answers to some of those questions you might have. If you cant find it here (or somewhere else on our page), use the contact formular below

We will put facilitator names and workshop descriptions up as we go. 

You can see the full program overview, but be aware last minute changes might occur all the way up to festival opening.

No, you don’t need to sign up for workshops beforehand. We have five parallel tracks, and attendance usually balances out well, ensuring everyone can attend their preferred workshops. However, if a room becomes too crowded and the facilitator deems it necessary, we operate on a "first come, first served" basis. In such cases, you can quickly switch to another workshop.

Another reason we don’t require signups is that sometimes your intuition may guide you to a workshop you hadn’t planned on attending. We encourage you to follow your heart and participate in the sessions that resonate with you in the moment, rather than being bound by previous commitments.

For Copenhagen Tantra Festival May 2024 we have found a new amazing venue.

The place is called Huone and is placed at Amager Strandvej 390, 2770 Kastrup.

Its a big place in Kastrup close to public transportation, there will be cheap parking and a big catering-canteen with nice food.

There are so many cool rooms - all with different themes and there will be rooms for relaxation, cuddle and much more 🤩

Absolutely YES. The festival is both for singles and couples.

Majority are singles, but there are many couples also.

At all workshops you can decide to work only with your partner if you prefer, or you can mix. It's up to you. 

A few workshops you will need a partner to join, that will be clearly marked in the program. Then you will show up with your partner (maybe a long time lover - or a new friend you just met)

You will checkin and get your armband at 15:00.

The first workshop start at 16:00 which is a workshop for everyone - to get us well started on the amazing journey we are about to embark. We highly recommend you attend this one.

We end the last workshop Sunday at 16:00

Public Transport: Its only 5 min walk from "Kastrup Metro station"

By Car: There is a big parking lot connected to the venue, see below FAQ for parking rules.

Flying in from abroad: Airport is just one stop with the Metro from Kastrup airport, it can't be easier.

The parking area connected to the venue is managed and administered by ParkZone, and all parking is at your own risk. Non-compliance with parking regulations may result in a control fee being imposed.

Parking can be purchased at the meter on site or through the “EasyPark” app. Use area code 4310. It costs around 100 DKK for a day parking.

There is 2-hour free guest parking next to the bicycle sheds, where you can park for a maximum of 2 hours, with no extension allowed. A "parking-disc" is required. Note that you cannot pay to park longer at the guest parking!

HUONE or Copenhagen Tantra Festival is not responsible for any fines. ** Any complaints should be directed to ParkZone."

There are also free parking spaces in the areas around the venue, but please check yourself where its free and where its not.

We highly recommend you to be at the check-in Friday from 15:00 - 15:45. Because we start at 16:00, and thats when we begin creating the collective loving and brave container together, thats where we set the intention for the next three days together.

But sometimes life just dont go your way, and of course you are still welcome at the festival. If you arrive at the venue after Friday 15:45, try and find some of the volunteers and they will be able to show you how to get your armband. 

According to the Terms & Conditions we don't offer a refund. But you are welcome to re-sell your ticket. Copenhagen Tantra Festival does not carry any responsibility for the selling and purchasing of tickets sold privately.

If you do sell you ticket, please send us an email to from the email you bought your ticket, and state the full name and their email address of the purchaser. Then we can get them in the system, so they receive information emails etc. up to the event.

Please bring the following:

  • Clothes you feel comfortable and can move in
  • Water Bottle/thermos (only things with lids are allowed in workshop rooms)
  • Sarong / towel (for workshops with nudity)
  • A yoga mat (we have some, but not for all so please bring if you can)
  • Blindfold / Eye mask
Nice to have:
  • Pillow to sit on (we have some but not for all)
  • Blanket (for some workshops it can be nice with a warm blanket)
  • Maybe some sensual clothing for the Templenight Saturday? Whatever you feel sexy and comfortable in 😁
  • Please note: Glitter makeup is NOT allowed at the venue

Copenhagen Tantra Festival is an urban retreat. That means the ticket get you access to all the workshops, the nice cafe etc., but accommodation nor food is included. So you will need to find friends, AirBnB or hotel.

Nearby hotels are:

  • Scandic CPH Strandpark,
  • Best Western Plus Airport Hotel Copenhagen
  • Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

But any hotel near the metro line would be convenient as the venue is a few minutes walk from Kastrup Metro Station

Our venue offers a wonderful kitchen where you can purchase lunch and dinner. Additionally, there is a cozy café on-site where you can enjoy snacks, coffee, and other beverages.

View the menu and prices here

Please note that food is not included in the ticket price.

While you are welcome to bring your own food, please be aware that there are no facilities available for heating it.

To streamline your dining experience, you can pre-order your meals by contacting the venue. Simply let them know your choices, and they will have your food ready for you in the breaks. Payment are made at pickup, similar to ordering from your local pizzeria.

Contact the venue kitchen:

At the Copenhagen Tantra Festival, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. So of course our festival welcomes individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Everyone is welcome here.

We are an international festival, so all workshops will be held in English.

Most facilitators will also speak a Scandinavian language though.

No, you do not need any experience. We have a wide range of workshops for both people new to tantra and for the experienced ones.

And the mix is often the best

This is one of the testimonials we got after the festival in 2023:

"This was my first Tantra event/festival ever, and I was nervous and suspicious. But this changes very quickly. This was an amazing, safe space - and im hungry for more. So much love, respect and great energy. Can't wait for next time ♥️♥️"

Our system currently doesnt generate a ticket as such, so the receipt you received on email counts as the ticket.

When you check-in Friday from 15-15:45, you will just state your name and show your email reciept at the check-in stand. They will have a long list with all the participants names -and then you will get your festival armband (to be worn rest of festival).

In the public many people think Tantra is all about sex. Thats a misunderstanding.

Tantra is about consciousness. Its about being authentic, being aware. So Tantra is a lot more than sex. But Tantra also includes sexuality and it can improve your sex life dramatic - as it can also improve the rest of your life dramatic. Sexuality is such a powerful driving force in most human beings, thats why the sexuality part of Tantra often gets the most attention from the broader public. You dont need to focus on the sexual part of tantra to be able to enjoy tantra

It depends on what workshops you participate in. Some workshops will be fully clothed others nudity is a possibility. At each workshop it will be clearly stated, so you can decide before the workshop.

And NO you never have to do anything you dont want to. That include taking your clothes of.

It depends on how you define sex. Some workshops (but definitely not all) will be about sexuality. For example a conscious touch or kiss can be very sexy. Playing with ropes can also very quite sexual. And maybe you get an energy orgasm. But there will not be any penetrative sex at the workshops.

Whatever you do outside the festival area is up to you - please go and have sex - we love sex.

No. Alcohol, Weed, Drugs, Mushrooms and are whatever substances are not allowed at the festival. We want you to be fully present and be able to feel yourself and others to the fullest. You cant do that if you are intoxicated in any way.

If we notice that you are intoxicated, we will send you away from the festival area, and take your festival bracelet.

Its safer for you and its safer for the whole group.

And its definitely not needed to have a fantastic and deep experience 

We recommend you not to, but if you are in need, you can do it at designated areas outside the venue.