The Festival Band

We have gathered the most amazing Festival band, that will soothen our ears and soul

Rico - Band

Rico Persson (SE)

Music Coordinator & Musician 

Drums & percussion, ngoni, voice

Rico is a multi-instrumentalist with an emotional and vibrant presence. His musical expression is inspired by west-africa and Brazil, although his music is often created in the moment. He loves to combine his great interests music, presence, meditation and free expression. An example of his work is the music project Härvaro where these qualities are combined. Instruments include: ngoni, voice, flutes, drums & percussion, harmonica, loopstation, and lots of delays and reverbs.

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Stefano Baroni (IT)


Guitar, voice

"In the game of music winners are those who come together" This is the paradigm that guides Stefano in his life and guides him to share music and deep experience to people all over the world. Beardy human being with a 360 degrees musicality, great sence of humor and a passion for guitar and sushi.

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Stefano - Band
Frida - Band

Frida Malmquist (SE)


Voice, hangdrum

Music is life and her true expression. She feels like coming home, back to her roots every time she in the creative music making and flow. She loves sharing this passion with others, and being able to contribute to more light, love and positive energies with the healing powers of rythms and tones. In her everyday life, she have the privilege of working with and guiding others as a sound healer and yoga teacher. She holds sessions both individually and in groups where she use her voice and instruments to help people going into deep relaxation.

Johan Alexandersson (SE)


Drums & percussion, flute

Johan follows the path of the rhythmic heart. He builds all the instruments he plays, forming deep relationships with these healing tools. The music opens us up, brings us into presence, movement and vibration. The instruments are played to express the core of who Johan is, in the wordless all emotions find their place. Johan plays percussion, ngoni and flute. For over a decade Johan has been part of Härvaro and other musical projects.

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Johan - Band
Jonas - Band

Jonas Larsson (SE)


Bass, voice, drums

Jonas has been using music for healing and bringing people together for the bigger part of his life. He’s been holding Kirtan for several years and played in the housebands both at Ängsbacka & Osho-risk - and more. He is great at playing drums, guitar and using his voice! He holds a safe space with both warmth and playfulness where we all can come together in love and truth. With his presence and humor he’ll guide us into life here and now.

Thommy Eggers (SE)

Sound Engineer

With over thirty years both on stage and behind the mixingdesk. Thommy aims to create an intimate and warm sound delivered through handpicked equipment and with this years lineup you are in for a treat. Let’s embrace this moment together.

Thommy - Band