The Venue - Huone

Amager Strandvej 390, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Welcome to Huone, an amazing venue for our 3 days journey. Huone is not just a venue but a dynamic space that caters to the varied dimensions of your festival.


Versatile Spaces: Discover the magic within Huone's more than 15 uniquely themed rooms, each curated to evoke a distinct and captivating ambiance. Whether you find yourself in the elegant sophistication of one room or the vibrant energy of another, every space contributes to an atmosphere that enhances the spirit of the Copenhagen Tantra Festival.


Cuddle, Relax, Chill Out, and Silent Sanctuaries: We have 5 parallel workshop tracks, but a festival is not only the workshops. We will have dedicated spaces for connections and personal reflection. Experience the warmth of our cuddle rooms, unwind in the relaxing ambiance, find tranquility in the chill-out spaces, and embrace the serenity of our silent rooms. These specialized areas are crafted to provide you with moments of connection and relaxation.

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Accessible Location: Strategically located 8 min walk near the Kastrup metro station, getting to Huone is easy, ensuring you spend more time indulging in the festival's offerings and less time navigating the city.

Ample Parking: Worried about parking? Fear not! We have many parking spaces, ensuring easy parking for both local and traveling guests. You can buy full day parking tickets at parking lot just next to the festival venue.

Culinary Delights: Savor the festival not just through workshops but also through culinary delights from our professional kitchen. Our chefs craft delicious meals at attractive prices, inviting you to recharge and nourish your body between sessions.