We are gathering the most wonderful bunch of human beings. All ready to give you an amazing experience - guide you through a journey of your life. Read a little about them below.


Kate Aura (DK)

Organizer and Facilitator

Kate Aura is the head organizer together with her partner Anders. Kate Aura is passionated about connecting people in many different ways, to spread more consciousness and to help people life a more pleasurable, authentic and fulfilled life.

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Anders Lorentz (DK)

Organizer and Facilitator

Anders is the head organizer together with Kate his partner. He is also the owner of Lifeforce Garden, a place to get to know yourself, learn your true potential and be the authentic you. 

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Anders (1)

Lin Holmquist (SE)


Lin is running the "Art of Love where she organize the biggest tantra festival in Sweden - Ängsbacka. She's well known across the world for her teaching of several thousand people in tantra. At Copenhagen Tantra Festival we will see her in action and get a taste of her greatest joy - to see love spread around the world.

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Eugene Hedlund (US)


Eugene Hedlund, Founder of the School of Tribal Tantra, has been teaching transformational arts around the globe since 2008. He is organising tantric festivals all around the world. He founded The School of Tribal Tantra as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. We are proud to welcome him to Denmark.

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Sunny Ju (DE)


Sunny Ju is joining us again at Copenhagen Tantra Festival. Last year many of you experienced and praised her Primal Play, Sacred Anger or Breathwork session - showing why she is such a popular workshop facilitator all around the world. Powerful, deep, present.

Get ready for some new, deep and transforming workshops from her side again.

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Sunny Ju
Anand Rudra-2

Anand Rudra (MX)


Anand Rudra is a personal favourite of us. He is travelling around the world teaching tantra, primal shamanism, tantra kriya yoga & sacred sexuality.

Its intense, pushing your mind and body to a new state.

We are so glad that we in Copenhagen now also have the chance to experience him; and his ground-shaking teachings.

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Signe V Bentzen (DK)


Many of you probably know Signe from one of the other great tantric festivals in Denmark. Signe is the founder of The Tribal Vibe ands he is an experienced and skilled facilitator. We are thrilled to have her as part of the team in Copenhagen this year. 

Her great passion is to find gateways to travel deeper into the open heart space through the body, where we meet the essence of ourselves, and into the relationship with each other, whether it happens in quiet, expanded consciousness or in sensual, explosive ecstasy.

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Jakob Kaergaard (DK)


Jakob is one of Scandinavia’s leading sex- and intimacy coaches for men. He developed the Vital Force Sexual Mastery practice in 2013 and has since taught over a thousand men to master their sexual energy on physical and online courses.

This is where you want to go to work with male sexuality.

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Maria Pavlovic (SE)


Maria are a powerhouse of a woman, she can shift between her dark masculine energy, to her light feminine beauty in a second - and back again. You immediate feel the intensity.

She is into playful seriousness, courageous shame and desire, powerful compassion and whatever is true. Expect a mix of that at her workshops - that's why she is joining us another round at Copenhagen Tantra Festival.

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Insa Korth (DE)


Insa has been sharing her gift as a space holder and Reiki Master internationally since 2009.

At the festival she will lead us deep and touch your soul with her amazing sound journeys, humming, chanting and healing.

This is where you want to be, when you need your body to be guided by sound.

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Amosoma & Asim Sacredfire (DK/NL)


Amosoma and Asim are this amazing couple. Grounded, deep, powerful. We adore them. They have travelled all around Europe facilitating workshops. You are now lucky to experience them again in Copenhagen.

Its all about polarity, transparency, tantra, integrity, intimacy, pleasure and a liberated sexual expression.

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Jarno Kinnunen (SE)


We first met Jarno last year in Sweden attending one of his breathwork workshops, and immediate knew we wanted him to participate in Copenhagen Tantra Festival. And we are so happy he is now joining.

Jarno is a grounded breathwork and tantra facilitator who guides you deep into yourself. His profound presence helps you to release stuck emotions an blockages in your system.To free more space inside you to let in more joy and pleasure!

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Cherie Ellen (DK)


Cherie Ellen is passionate about nurturing profound intimacy by slowing down and creating space for authentic connection. She blessed us at last year Copenhagen Tantra Festival with an amazing Temple night, This time she will share her passion for ropes with us. We are sooo looking forward to that

Cherie is also one of the founders of Alive Tantra Festival. 

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Alfarr - The Rebel in Love (DK)


He attended last years Copenhagen Tantra Festival and also the Kaerlig Festival. Because we love Alfarrs combination of warm and thoughtful energy mixed with his "you never know what you will get Rebel". We love it.

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Foto: Rune Hammerstad

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Härvaro (SE)


Härvaro is these three amazing musicians sharing their passion. Rico Persson, Johan Alexandersson and Matti Nilsson.

They are part of the festival band, but they are also sharing their Härvaro - a moment of deep devotion and a celebration of life by interpreting the energy of the moment and rendering it in music.

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Ida (1)

Ida Yonique (DK)


Last year Ida Joined Copenhagen Tantra Festival. It was first time we ever met her - but we loved her immediate. Despite her young age, she is already experienced facilitator in festivals around Northern Eurpoe.

Her mission in life is to support other beautiful souls into connecting with the depth and pureness of their heart. And into finding their path of love, expansion, growth and sensuality.

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Mathilde Alba (DK)

Facilitator / DJ

Mathilde will be taking us on an ecstatic journey as our DJ, creating the most embracing atmosphere for al of us to go explore our inner worlds together.

She is devoted to bringing different global flavours into the dance space, so we can travel together. Its going to get sweaty.

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